Scurtele anului 2009

În clasamentul întocmit de Neil McCormick intră Shine On You Crazy Diamond – David Gilmour, Hotel California – Joe Walsh & Don Felder și Purple Rain – Prince.

Adică, păpușile sale nu vor mai face cunoștință cu lumea reală întrucât americanilor nu le place ideea! Noa, asta e, rămânem la show-uri pe scenă difuzate pe youtube 🙂

Remember when the big thing was blogs? When people were calling the first social media tool “people’s media,” “we-dia,” and other such self-bestowed honorifics? When Megan McArdle said blogs would turn the internet into “a very advanced, processing brain,” a self-correcting mechanism that would perfect journalism and advance human thought into a golden age?

We should have known from blogging’s early successes what was really going to become of it. Those successes were not about enlightenment — elucidating issues, or spurring debate — but about taking down public figures obnoxious to bloggers.

Și la final, aflăm „adevărul” din spatele religiei:

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